Is it actually important to drink beer out of the right glass?

People ask me this all the time, so I wrote a short blog post about it.

In short, no. 

I know that's probably not the response you were expecting from someone who runs a beer glassware company, but it's the truth. Here is my take...

It's never "necessary." Drinking out of a can or bottle is ok, as is just using a normal pint glass or any other glass. 

That being said, drinking out of a glass specifically designed for beer absolutely improves the experience, and in a noticeable way. 

Some people will go a bit further and say "if you're drinking an IPA, it should be only out of an IPA glass." This is where I disagree. Will you get some incremental value by drinking a specific beer from the specific glass designed for that beer?  Well yea, but it's not going to be really noticeable, if at all.

My blanket advice for anyone drinking a half-decent beer (or just wats to experience any beer, better) is to drink out of a glass designed for craft beer. 

It's a really small step that will drastically increase your experience, for a number of proven reasons. 

  1. Aromatics: Different beer styles have distinct aromas that greatly contribute to their flavor profiles. Proper glassware, designed to capture and concentrate these aromas, allows you to fully appreciate the beer's bouquet. The shape of the glass can guide the beer's aroma toward your nose, intensifying the sensory experience.

  2. Appearance: The right glassware showcases the beer's color and clarity, adding to its visual appeal. This can be especially important for craft beers with rich hues and unique visual characteristics.

  3. Carbonation and Head Retention: Craft beer glassware is often designed to maintain the beer's carbonation and encourage a healthy head formation. A proper head can enhance the aroma and mouthfeel, improving the overall drinking experience.

  4. Mouthfeel: Different glass shapes can affect how the beer flows into your mouth, altering its mouthfeel and texture. A beer glass designed with this in mind can accentuate the beer's creaminess or effervescence, enhancing the enjoyment.

  5. Temperature Control: Craft beer glassware is often made with materials that help maintain the beer's temperature, ensuring it stays at an optimal level while you're drinking. 

  6. Style and Tradition: Using the right glassware is a sign of appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind the beer. It also demonstrates respect for the beer's regional or cultural traditions, adding to the overall enjoyment.

  7. Experience and Presentation: Drinking from proper glassware can elevate the entire beer-drinking experience, making it feel more special and enjoyable. It adds a touch of sophistication to the act of drinking beer and shows that you value the beverage and the effort put into crafting it. In other words, it's just more fun!

In short, using proper glassware enhances the sensory experience of craft beer, allowing you to fully appreciate its aroma, flavor, and appearance. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about maximizing your enjoyment of the beer and respecting the art of brewing.

It's also just fun! 

I'm the kind of person that appreciates the little things, and that's why I like the glass I'm using to be just as fun and interesting as the beer I'm drinking. 

Regardless, the beer you enjoy in good company always tastes best. 🍻

If you want to snag some nice glassware for yourself, I've got ya' covered.