Small Batch Glassware Reviews

Check out some of the happy customers across the globe enjoying amazing beer in their beautiful Small Batch Glassware. Want to be featured here? Make sure to tag us at @smallbatchglass in your Instagram post and send me your review!



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“Love my small batch glassware! The quality is top notch and the details on the print are stunning."

- Dee @beerliveshere


 MattyLikesBeer IG Post
"My Water, Barley & Hops glass is perfect! I love the stylish design and the quality is fantastic. I use this glass a lot and it's holding up great. Still looks brand new! This is a glass any beer enthusiast would love to own!" 

- Matthew @mattylikesbeer


 Red The Craft Beer Dog IG Post
"The Water, Barley & Hops glass is simple yet elegant, and by far my favorite piece of glassware any style of beer!" 

- Eric @red_the_craft_beer_dog


"While searching the web trying to find a non brewery specific TeKu that didn’t have some cheesy characters on or something solid that covered up the brew to help me show off some great beers. I came across small batch glassware. I landed on the hashtag glass because who doesn’t love hashtags! A simple band of words going around the glass that doesn’t get in the way of showcasing the beer. And it looks good too. Looking forward to hopefully picking up the upcoming glass #4."

- Rick @beer_time_with_rick


"I stumbled across Small Batch Glassware on Instagram & fell in love with the "All The Whales" glass. I ordered two online & delivery was super quick from the states (to Australia). They arrived safe & sound due to the fantastic packing job from the team at SBG. I'm so happy with my purchase & they look amazing filled with my favourite beers! (especially good with a dark beer). All in all, great company to deal with & I would happily purchase again!"

- Chris @craftypepys


"I received an “All The Whales” Teku styled glass from Small Batch Glass over a few of months ago. Truly one of my favorite glasses. Very sturdy. It has considerable heft and durability despite its delicate, elegant looks. The gold printing only adds to the beauty of the glassware. I was happy enough to purchase another glass! On a scale of 1-5, no question, a 5."

- Al @beerluvah_


"My  All The Whales glass is 5 out of 5! Love the Teku style and its the best way to express drinking those rare beers!"

- Gino @fl_beerguy


Commonwealthbrewers IG Post 
"Glass is superb! Art is beautiful and after a bunch of uses still looks like new. The teku is awesome and draws a hell of a lot of admiring looks. Shipping and packaging were perfect. "

- Andrew @commonwealthbrewers