Our Story

Small Batch Glassware is a limited edition glassware company for craft beer enthusiasts. We periodically release small batches of specially designed, high quality glassware. We believe the glass you use should be just as much of a conversation piece as the beer thatโ€™s in it.

Hey! I'm Mark. Welcome to Small Batch Glassware.

Mark Iafrate Small Batch GlasswareSome of you might have heard of another company I started with some folks called The Beer Exchange. It's an online beer trading platform that launched back in February of 2014. After seeing how much people loved some of the glassware we designed, and with the encouragement from some amazing people, I decided to launch Small Batch Glassware in 2018.

That's why I said "our story" and not "my story." I never would have launched SBG without the ongoing support and encouragement of the craft beer community, my family, and my amazing friends.

Small Batch Glassware

Why start a glassware company?

Like you, I love good beer. Not just because it tastes good, and not just because it's an outlet to be social and meet new people, but because craft beer is an art. I'm well-aware of how painfully, awfully cliche that statement is. But it's true. Brewers spend countless hours pouring their time and energy into the beer we enjoy. It's fun to enjoy craft beer because of how much effort goes into every last detail, and how much enthusiasts like us geek out on it.

Drinking craft beer is an experience, and I believe glassware should be part of that experience. I believe the glass you drink out of should be just as much of a conversation piece as the beer you're drinking. That's my goal with Small Batch Glassware.

Mark from Small Batch Glassware

How does it work? Great question.

Each year we will release a set number of glasses. Some will continuously be kept in stock, and the others will be released in a limited quantity, and then never produced again.

When you order a glass, you're automatically added to the pre-order list for the subsequent glass. Those on our mailing list are the first to hear about new glassware designs, special sales, and giveaways.

The glassware designs will vary widely. Some will be more lighthearted than others, some may have inside industry jokes, but all of them will be designed with avid craft beer drinkers in mind.

Your shipment is safe (and insured).

All of your ordersย come with insurance, so if it breaks or is lost in transit, we replace it for free.

We also designed special shipping boxes built to securely hold the Teku glass in place during transit and prevent breakage from even the most aggressive of delivery people. Because there are few things more disheartening than opening up your much anticipated package only to find out your glass is broken.

I'd love your feedback.

I'm always open to hear your suggestions and ideas, so don't hesitate to email me directly. If you live in or around San Francisco, hit me up and we can grab a beer.