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Water, Barley & Hops
Small Batch Glassware All The Whales

Glassware as rare as your beer

Small Batch Glassware is a limited edition glassware company for craft beer enthusiasts. We periodically release small batches of specially designed, high quality glassware. Some designs will stick around, others won't. Read our story here.

Small Batch Glassware glasses are shipped in special boxes.

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Glass 5: All The Hops

The fifth glass from SBG is available for pre-order! This is the first full-color glass for 2019 and the first ever SBG design on the 17 oz. Arc Nordic Cooler. 

Glass 1: All The Whales

Our inaugural glass "All The Whales" features an illustration depicting five different species of whales, printed in gold wrapping 360 degrees around the glass. 

Glass 2: Water, Barley & Hops

"Water, Barley & Hops" is the first limited edition glass from SBG and features a gold, minimalist design wrapping 360 degrees around the glass. 

Glass 3: All The Hashtags

You know how much we beer geeks #love hashtagging the shit out of our posts, which is why we took some of the most commonly used (and most fun) hashtags from the craft beer community and put them into our first full color print glass, #AllTheHashtags.