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Order Fulfillment and Shipping Services

Looking for someone to handle the packing and shipping of your existing glassware? Or are you looking to get a glass made and have someone else handle all the order fulfillment? Small Batch Glassware can help pack and ship your glassware for a flat fee per glass. 

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Order Fulfillment and Shipping

The process of designing and order glassware isn't the hard part. The problem is when you realize you need to go buy boxes and packing materials, package all the glasses, create and print shipping labels,  bring the boxes to the post office, and deal with shipping companies losing packages (it happens). Not to mention having space to put the glasses and setting up an online store to take orders.

Small Batch Glassware uses its own warehouse and is able to buy packing and shipping materials in bulk. We've been designing and shipping glassware for some time so we've got the whole process on lock. 

We can help you:

  • Design and order your own glassware
  • Package and hold onto your inventory in our warehouse
  • Take orders and ship them to your customers 
  • Handle customer support if a package is lost or damaged in transit

If you're interested in having Small Batch Glassware handle all of the order fulfillment and shipping of your glassware, please fill out this form and we'll talk about the costs and details. 

How much does glassware cost?

There are three components to pricing glassware:

(Cost of the Glass) + (Cost of Fulfillment) + (Shipping Costs) = Total Cost

Glassware Cost

The cost of the glass has multiple factors and can vary greatly mainly:

  • What style of glassware you want to order - Some styles (like the Rastal Teku) are more expensive than others
  • How many glasses you are ordering - The more you order the cheaper they are per glass
  • What type of design and printing you want to do - If you're doing a single color on the front of the glass only, that will be less expensive than doing a full-color wrap or using reflective gold

Cost of Fulfillment

To ship your glassware you'll need to purchase boxes and packing materials. These can get expensive when you're buying them in small quantities (we order ours in bulk so the cost is much lower). Not to mention this is the most time consuming part of the process. You'll need to pack all the glasses and then create and print the label and then bring it to the post office. The specific costs are:

  • Boxes
  • Packing materials (bubble wrap or inserts)
  • Packing tape 
  • Your time (trust me this part takes a loooong time to do)

Shipping Costs

Shipping with USPS is the most cost effective for domestic shipments. The cost varies depending on:

  • Package size and weight
  • How far the package is going 

Ideally you want to keep the weight and size to a certain size to keep it within the priority mail dimensions. On average the cost of shipping a glass is about $7.00 through USPS inside the United states. International shipping is possible (we do it at SBG) but will cost more. 

At SBG we build the cost of shipping into the price. It's just easier that way. 

Want us to handle all the order fulfillment for your glasses?

If you're interested in using SBG fill out this form and we can talk!