Want to get the next SBG glass for free?

You were already going to show off your new glass anyway, so why not enter yourself for a chance to win the next SBG release for free? It’s easy: 

    1. Follow @smallbatchglass on Instagram 
    2. Take a photo of your sexy new glass
    3. Tag @smallbatchglass in the photo and description

That’s it! You’ve now automatically been entered to win the next glass for free. We randomly select someone just before a new glass is released. If you win you’ll get an email from Mark with information on how to get the glass. 

Past Glassware Giveaway Winners

Here are the lucky winners who have won in the past! 

  1. Warden3030
  2. TheCraftCaptain
  3. that_craft_beer_bloke
  4. newenglandnectar
  5. beer_time_with_rick
  6. beerhikechill